Why it’s a good idea to keep your data separate

By Steve Kovach By Steve Kornacki/TechCrunchTechCrunch has been a staple of the news industry for a while now, and while we are all used to seeing headlines like “Amazon and Google pay $2.5B to settle antitrust case” and “Amazon, Google to settle data breach claims” in a day or two, we have never seen a case like this in the news business.

In the past, tech companies have been able to settle privacy cases in a variety of ways, most notably in the case of the National Security Agency.

In that case, a jury awarded Google $2 billion in damages over the misuse of a US government database, with Amazon getting $1.2 billion.

The deal has been hailed by privacy advocates as a significant victory, with some arguing that Google should pay more because of the data that the company used to spy on people and their data.

In this case, however, the settlement was the result of a $1 billion settlement with Apple, which, at the time, had been accused of breaking the law by illegally collecting user data.

The two companies reached a deal that allowed Apple to keep some data from the company, while allowing the rest of Apple’s customers to continue to use Apple’s servers to run iCloud services.

It was a deal, in the eyes of privacy advocates, that had the potential to make the companies much more compliant in the future.

“There’s no doubt that this settlement will help the industry avoid a data breach that could result in significant harm to Apple’s business and its customers,” said Sarah Jaffe, senior director for data privacy at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, in a statement.

Apple’s position has been supported by a number of tech companies, including Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Twitter, and Twitter itself.

In addition to agreeing to pay $1bn in fines, Twitter agreed to take steps to prevent data breaches that would allow hackers to access the company’s data.

But while the settlement itself will help prevent data theft and data breaches, it is not a silver bullet.

It is not going to stop the kind of data breaches which, in addition to causing huge harm to companies like Apple, could potentially cripple businesses in the form of loss of customers, loss of revenue, or even loss of brand recognition.

In a statement, Apple said that the settlement is “part of a wider commitment to protect consumers and our customers, and it is critical to ensure that consumers can trust us to protect their personal information.”

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