Which Color is My Favorite?

colorado college students have an unusual obsession with their favorite colors, and they are not alone.

A new study published in the journal Science indicates that they are a little more color-obsessed than average, with more than half of the students reporting having a preference for green, red, and blue.

The study looked at the color of each student’s room and asked them to rank the most and least desirable colors.

Students who identified as purple, green, yellow, and brown rated the rooms they were in the most desirable with a 4.3 out of 10, while students who identified with purple, brown, and orange rated the most room with a 5.5 out of 5.

Those with purple and brown rooms had the lowest ratings of any of the colors.

The study also found that students with blue rooms were more likely to report liking the colors they were wearing.

A previous study from this year also found similar results, with students reporting that they liked the colors blue, purple, and pink, and the study also showed that they were the most color-sensitive students.

This study, however, found that this preference did not appear to be universal.

According to the study, while many of the preferences for color were shared across cultures, there was a distinct gender bias in the study.

Women were more color sensitive than men.

The gender bias could be related to the fact that women tend to use less of the resources of the body, and thus spend more time looking at color.

While it is not clear how these preferences evolved over time, it is likely that they evolved to help us cope with the fact we are all living in a world with a lot of colors, which may be part of why they have become such a popular color of choice.

According the study:Students were asked to select the most-desirable colors from a list of six options, and then rank them according to how desirable they were for themselves.

They were asked the following questions:How many of each color do you think is the most beautiful?

How many do you feel the most comfortable in?

How many do they make you want to wear?

How did you find the color?

Do you think they are the most fun to wear or to look at?

How much would you pay to buy one of each of these colors?

How would you spend money on these colors if you had to choose?

The results showed that students who rated blue and purple rooms as the most desired also were more apt to say they would wear purple, while those who rated green and yellow rooms as most desired were more inclined to say that they would be willing to pay for purple and green.

They also had the highest preferences for brown, yellow and orange.

The results also indicated that students rated green rooms as more appealing than purple rooms.

According another study, a similar study published last year in the same journal, found students who were in a specific color category rated the color as their favorite more than those in a different color category.

This is a fascinating new study, and we are glad that we have found it.

It is not easy to find a research paper that shows such strong evidence of a gender bias, and it is also important to remember that gender bias is often unconscious and hard to identify, so it is hard to say for sure that these colors have anything to do with it.

We also have to remember though, that this is not the first study to show gender bias.

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