Vail’s ‘color me good’ campaign for kids and adults is coming to the iPhone and iPad in November

Vail is taking another step toward helping its customers create the kind of vibrant, colorful, high-quality digital content they’ve grown to love.

The company announced Friday that the “Color Me Good” app will be available for iPhones and iPads starting Nov. 13 and available for Android and BlackBerry devices later in the year.

The app will include a range of color-themed graphics for kids to help kids create vibrant and engaging digital content that will help them learn to use their devices to express themselves.

The app will also include an “easter egg” for Apple fans, a “bump map” for parents, and a “pop-up book” for anyone with an iPhone 5 or newer that includes a color-coded coloring page.

Vail says the app will work on iPhones and iPad running iOS 10.3 or later.

Apple’s Apple Music, Vail Music, and Apple Pay are available to customers of Vail Colorado and Vail Spa Colorado, as well as those with an Apple ID, the company said.

The apps can also be used for purchases on and on Apple TV.

Vail’s website has also announced a special coloring page for children, featuring a series of colorful, colorful shapes for them to draw on.

Valeant Pharmaceuticals, maker of St. John’s wort, is among the companies to make apps for the Vail app, and the company says it plans to include more apps in the future.

“We’re excited to bring our colorful coloring pages to iPhone and Android,” said Paul C. Vukovic, CEO and cofounder of Valeant Pharmaceutical, in a statement.

“The coloring pages will provide children and adults with the tools they need to create their own coloring pages in minutes.”

Valeants colors are also available in Vail spa colors, as a separate app.

Valeant’s St. Johns wort has been used in the past by the company for years, and it recently added more color options to the company’s popular Vail Blue wort.

Apple is offering a variety of apps to help people create digital content, including color-based video apps, an “online store” that lets customers purchase digital products and music, and color-coordinated stickers and stickers that can be attached to a product.

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