Turquoise paint colors are here to stay in Israel

The green, red and blue paint colors in Hebrew text are widely used throughout the country.

A few years ago, Israeli authorities ordered the closure of a graffiti wall, in the northern city of Ashkelon, which included a Turquoises red, blue and yellow.

The wall was in response to the killing of a young woman in a car accident.

“I’ve been a graffiti artist for 20 years,” said Nael Al-Fadri, who is now a freelance artist.

“I’ve written for newspapers, on street signs and on billboards.

I was asked to paint a picture of the woman who was killed in the accident.

I wrote a picture, but I couldn’t do it with my hand, because I didn’t have any ink.

So I decided to make a mask with my fingers.

I took a pencil, a paintbrush, a brush and a small tube.

I put them in a bottle and started painting.”

Al-Feidri said he didn’t know what the paint would look like on a person’s face.

“It’s not like I’m trying to mimic the appearance of a person in a photograph.

I’m just painting the face, because the people who live in the area can see the face when they look at the painting,” he said.

“They don’t see the person.

So it’s not just a face that I painted, but the entire face.”

The graffiti is also found on public buildings and public places.

“This is an act of revenge,” said Shimon Koffel, who lives in the Beit Sahour neighborhood of Jerusalem.

“The Israelis don’t care that they killed the young woman, but they have to find a way to punish the Israelis.”

Koffel said he was particularly upset about the vandalism of a wall in the city’s Old City, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Koffer said the graffiti has also been found on buildings in the Jewish neighborhoods of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

“You can see it on the walls of the synagogue in Jerusalem, on the street signs in Tel Aviv and even in the streets of Tel Aviv,” he explained.

“And it’s on public streets and public buildings.”

According to Koffels, the graffiti was also found in several public places in the Old City of Jerusalem, including the Dome of the Rock.

The graffiti on the Dome was found by Israeli authorities in 2014.

The police are investigating the graffiti and are asking anyone who saw the graffiti in the years 2000 and 2011 to contact the police.

The vandalism of the wall was discovered after it was found in a Jerusalem cemetery.

Israeli authorities have also been criticized for using the graffiti against Arabs in the Arab neighborhoods of East Jerusalem and the Old Town of Jerusalem to create a climate of fear.

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