The 10 best apps to use with Android TV 2

The Android TV platform has always been a popular choice for Android TV devices.

But it’s also a platform that comes with a number of problems.

It’s easy to get stuck with a broken screen or a laggy video playback.

And you need a cable box to get the most out of your device.

We’ve covered some of the most popular apps that will help you get the best out of the Android TV experience.


Netflix – Netflix is one of the biggest names in streaming video.

It has millions of subscribers around the world, and it has become one of Netflix’s most popular services, thanks to the app’s unique user interface.

Netflix’s mobile app is also very popular, and if you don’t have an Android TV device, you can get the service on the Google Play Store for free.

Netflix on Android 4.3.4 (Jelly Bean) has the most significant improvements compared to the 4.2.x release.

There are new features, such as support for 1080p content, and a cleaner interface.

However, Netflix is still a bit laggy and sometimes requires a cable to connect.

Netflix for Android 4, 4.4.4 and 4.5.0 (Jellies) are updated to Android 4 and 4 with some additional features.

Netflix now supports HDR content, but it still requires a device connected to your home Wi-Fi network.

Netflix will automatically sync your account to Netflix on demand if you choose to, but you can manually sync to a separate account if you prefer.

Netflix 4.6 (Jello) also adds a lot of improvements to Netflix, including the ability to play your library locally or from your phone.

Netflix is also now more reliable, and Netflix 4 has a new set of features, including support for HDR content and improved performance.


iMovie – iMovie is a popular file and media sharing application, but in recent years it has also become more popular for its movie rentals and access to digital content.

iMovies 4.1.1 (JELLIES) is a small update to the software that brings the latest features to the platform.

The app now allows you to rent movies from a library or from other apps on your device and access movies in both full-screen and windowed modes.

iMenu, the interface to access and modify iMoves and iMovios settings, has been updated to make it easier to navigate between iMOVIOS and iMovieOS.

Netflix also has some other minor improvements, including better reliability and more reliable performance.

iPlayer for Android 3.5 (Jelastic) has a number new features that make it much easier to watch movies on Android TV.

Netflix has improved its movie streaming performance with this update.

iShow now allows the user to see a movie’s metadata including rating, genre, and release date.

Movies from iShow will be shown on the bottom of the screen instead of in a pop-up window.

iSpot now allows users to see which movie streams are on their device, and shows the number of available streaming movies.

iView now shows an option to automatically save and restore the current playback.

Movies are now sorted alphabetically.

Netflix can now use the latest Netflix SDK to improve performance, and iStream now works better with HD videos.

Netflix HD now supports HD video and HDR content.


iHeartRadio – iHeart Radio is one the biggest streaming music services on the market.

It was a big player in the iTunes Store and the App Store.

Netflix users have access to all of the music on the service.

It also has an extensive library of over 200 million tracks.

iRadio 4.0.1 has a few minor improvements.

However the app is still laggy.

iStream 4.8 (JELICES) is now available to users of the Apple TV and Android TV, and has a lot more improvements.

The new feature lets you view your library on a list of nearby songs, albums, or podcasts.

iListen now lets you listen to music from iHeart and other music services, or watch it in your browser.

Netflix adds support for HD audio.

iRunes also has a handful of new features.

iWatch now supports offline listening and allows users of Apple TVs to stream music and movies offline from a remote device.

Netflix includes a number more improvements to iRune, including faster playback speeds and better reliability.


Pandora – Pandora is one major music service.

You can listen to and download hundreds of millions of songs, and Pandora has a very diverse library of music.

The music streaming service on Android has been around for a long time and it’s still one of our favorite Android TV apps.

Pandora 4.10 (JALOs) brings some improvements to Pandora, including a cleaner user interface and better performance.

Pandora now supports Apple TV, Android TVs, Roku and Chromecast devices.

Spotify on Android 5.1 and up (Jelled) is updated to version 5.0, and

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