Texas Parks and Wildlife says it has removed thousands of ‘super-sphinx’ cat coloring books from sale

More than 1,000 coloring books have been removed from sale by Texas Parks & Wildlife after complaints that they contain phantoms and are dangerous to pets.

A spokesman for the agency said it was removing the books after receiving a complaint that some of the coloring books contained phantomas.

The parks department said in a statement that it is working to determine the source of the phantoma, which is a natural phenomenon.

“It’s a natural process,” Parks & Warfier said in the statement.

“We are continuing to investigate this matter.”

We are working with the manufacturer to make sure they have an appropriate remedy for this.

“The Texas Department of Wildlife and Parks said the phanthoms were “inappropriate” for coloring books and were not part of the parks’ educational mission.”

The Parks Department said the books had been removed after receiving complaints from owners who claimed the coloring was “inappropriately phantastic”.””

The Texas Wildlife Department does not condone the sale of these items.”

The Parks Department said the books had been removed after receiving complaints from owners who claimed the coloring was “inappropriately phantastic”.

“The coloring books were removed for a number of reasons including that they contained phanthomas and were unsuitable for children under six years old,” the agency’s statement said, adding that the books were not intended for sale to adults.

“These coloring books are no longer available for sale.

Anyone who may have purchased a coloring book from the park has been notified.”

The department said the coloring book company was contacted by the parks department on Tuesday morning and that it had been working to remove the coloring.

“At this time, the Texas Parks department is not aware of any new reports of the sale or misuse of coloring books,” the department said.

“As soon as a complaint is received, the department will take appropriate action.”

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