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What is the future of the gameboy?

There are plenty of games that play with the current hardware in a few ways.The latest ones, for example, are mostly on the portable side, but they’re also pretty darn cute.But the new gameboy is different.It’s a portable, gamecube-style gameboy, and it’s a great way to experience it.And, if you’re interested in this new medium, […]

Hacked ‘gameboy’ wig is a $20,000 gift from the world of online gaming

A “gameboy” wig, a plastic wig made from the hair of an actual gameboy game, was sold for $20k online in Israel, the country’s biggest online marketplace, the Israeli company Game Shop reported Wednesday.The wig was purchased from a man named A.M., who was a moderator on a gaming forum for the Israeli gaming community.The […]

Dinosaur coloring pages: The world’s first dinosaur coloring page

Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Google are all now offering dinosaurs in their apps.The coloring pages are designed to highlight the unique traits of each animal and help make sure that the apps look appealing and appealing to the eyes of children.The new dinosaur coloring pages, which come in the form of illustrations that are animated, […]

Officials: COVID-19 cases in Colorado rose in November as coronaviruses remain at a low point

COVID is continuing to drop in Colorado, but the state is seeing more coronavirs in the air and fewer people reporting symptoms.Colorado Public Health said Tuesday that COVID cases fell 2.7 percent from November to December.That’s the lowest number since January 2016.That compares with the drop of 1.8 percent from the first four months of […]

What you need to know about the park that makes Colorado look like the desert

Colorado Springs, Colo.— Parker Colorado Springs’ green lawns, landscaped manicured lawns and open-air amphitheater are the stuff of legend.The outdoor amphitheatre is home to dozens of rock concerts each year, a world-renowned jazz festival, and dozens of outdoor concerts in the summer months.But a park that is one of the best known and most visited […]

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