‘It’s a shame’: ‘There’s a little bit of the ‘Achilles heel’ of the new Trump era’

As the Trump era gets underway, the president is trying to shift the focus from the domestic to the foreign policy crisis that has consumed the first year of his presidency.

In his first public address since his inauguration, Trump said that the war in Syria was a “failed policy” that was “not a war” and “has had disastrous consequences for millions of lives.”

But he also said the “unintended consequences” of the war are far worse than what was contemplated.

Here are five signs that the country is heading in the wrong direction.1.

President Trump’s foreign policy is going badly wrong.

Trump has said he wants to keep America “strong” while “protecting our borders.”

But the reality is that the U.S. has spent more than $2 trillion since he took office fighting ISIS.

A U.N. report says it has lost over 2 million civilians and over 1 million children in the war, and over 2.6 million have been killed.

As a result, the U,S.

is in the midst of a “disastrous” war in which the U-2 spy plane that carried out the most precise strikes in the last decade has been shot down.2.

The U.K. is facing a new crisis.

The government has cut its defense budget to below the European Union level and is facing growing public discontent about its decision to leave the European Economic Area.

It has also had to contend with the fallout from Brexit, with the British government announcing it would leave the EU.

The British government has been accused of a new kind of Brexit: the withdrawal of all EU benefits.

And Trump has threatened to withhold U.

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