I’m not a big fan of neon colors…

By Emily EmslieI have a couple of thoughts about neon colors.

First, neon colors are so damn common and they look so awesome on TV.

Second, neon doesn’t do much for my eyesight.

I think neon colors look great on TV, but I don’t really think they’re useful for my eye health.

But neon isn’t the only way to color.

There are so many different ways to color a background.

Let’s go over a few different ways that you can use neon to enhance your design.

The first is a classic look: red, blue, and green. 

Green and blue are complementary colors that can be combined to create a bright green, a muted blue, or a neutral color. 

Red, blue and green are also complementary colors, so they can be used together. 

This is the perfect combination for a design like this:The second classic style is a gradient, a color that you use in conjunction with a background to give it a more intense look. 

The last and most basic way to use neon colors is to make a gradient. 

Nominal neon is actually a gradient with two colors: red and blue. 

You can also use a gradient to create an illusion of a gradient effect. 

Neon has a very strong color sense, so you can make an impression with a neon color.

You can also add neon effects to your design with a gradient that is a neutral shade of blue.

Here’s a look at a neon gradient:You can create an effect that’s almost like a gradient using a gradient-type background.

The effect is so bright and vivid that it almost looks like a neon logo.

This gradient effect is especially useful for creating a look that’s easy to read.

Here are some more examples of neon-y designs:The final way to utilize neon colors in your design is to use them in the margins.

This can make your design feel more cohesive, like a grid or a grid of squares. 

A grid can make it look more organized and legible. 

Here’s an example of a grid-like design: A simple grid design is a great way to add neon to your designs.

You just have to make sure that the spacing between the lines is appropriate and that it’s not too big.

This design has a little bit of an edge to it, but it’s still very easy to follow.

This is a grid design with an asymmetrical design:Another very simple grid can look very impressive.

You don’t have to go crazy here, but you can still make your designs look very neat.

You only need to have a grid, but make sure it’s a grid that’s not asymmetrical.

Here’s a very simple one:A good grid is also great for creating interesting shapes.

Here, a very subtle grid design looks great.

You’ll notice that this design has some diagonal lines in the corners, which makes it look a little more complicated. 

These are the types of things you can do with a grid.

I like to make my grids very simple so that the text doesn’t feel too busy. 

Grid shapes are also a good way to show off some colors.

Here is a simple one that’s also great to add a little color to your colors.

Here is a very, very basic one that is very easy for the eye to read:Here is another one that adds some contrast to the design:Here are a few more examples that are very easy on the eyes: Another cool way to make your text stand out is to add some contrast with a subtle gradient.

This looks really cool, but the result looks more like a small, subtle color.

This grid design makes it easier for the eyes to read the text.

Here we have a very basic, basic grid design:A little bit more bold and bold, bolder and bolder. 

Another grid-style design can add some visual interest to your text. 

It’s really easy to add an extra touch of contrast, like using a bold color.

Here the text is bold and text is text.

A little more bold: More bold:This grid-type design adds a bit of contrast. 

Again, this looks more complicated, but there is some contrast.

Here I’m using bold, text, and bold. 

More text: Again bold:A grid-shape can make the text stand apart. 

I like to create grids that are a little bold and not too subtle.

Here I’m making bold and a little text.

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