How to stop a wildfire from hitting your home and business


— For a moment, a new wave of fires in California may have been about to begin.

But now, it seems as though a second wave of wildfires could be in the works.

It’s a scenario that’s being called the Colorado-to-California fire trend, where fire risk increases as temperatures warm up and fires spread further north.

California officials are warning that, for now, fires can spread to the north of its northern border, though they say the trend is only in its early stages.

This is the second wildfire threat that California officials have reported in less than a week, and it’s being fueled by climate change, the first such threat was in the summer of 2017.

As of Monday, there were nearly 400 wildfires burning across California, according to the state Office of Fire Prevention and Control, with at least five in southern Nevada and one in central California.

California has recorded at least two consecutive weeks of higher fire activity.

In the past week, temperatures in the Los Angeles area have soared to an average of 106 degrees, up from just below 100 degrees, the state’s Office of Emergency Management said Monday.

That’s about 1 degree Celsius above average, and the hottest June on record in California.

The heat has led to a record-high number of wildfires, which have consumed at least 1.6 million acres, according the state.

California also reported that at least 11,000 homes have burned.

The state also reported an increase in the number of blazes that were declared on Monday, which the state says are currently in the early stages of spreading to other areas of the state and may expand further.

California has a growing number of fires, with about 20,000 fires in the past year.

About 3,600 fires have been reported statewide since June 1.

The fire season typically starts in June and runs through November, with California’s fires typically burning through December.

The state is now expecting to see a further increase in fire activity and the possibility of a third major wildfire outbreak next week, the National Weather Service said.

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