How to spot a Spanish housewarming party with a party host’s flair? | ABC News

The Spanish word for “party” can mean anything from a party at a friend’s house to a party that involves a group of friends.

The word also can be used to refer to anything from the holiday decorations of a holiday party to the festive celebrations of a family reunion.

The word party has become a household word in the U.S. It’s even been dubbed “the new red.”

But how many of us have a Spanish holiday party?

According to the National Association of Spanish-speaking Social Workers, there are roughly 1.5 million Spanish-language social workers in the United States, with a larger share of them in Los Angeles.

The organization says that roughly 40 percent of the countrys Spanish-speakers live in Los Angles, where about 80 percent of all social workers are from.

“The language is so integral in our culture, and in the culture of the people that we serve, that it becomes a very significant part of the culture,” says Karen Haskins, the president and CEO of the National Assembly of Spanish Language Social Workers.

In the past, the language was often used to describe holiday decorations or festive events, but it has since become more mainstream, Haskings says.

And for many social workers, party has come to be more than just a fun way to get together.

The phrase party has also been used to mean “fun, festive, and extravagant” as a way to describe celebrations.

The Spanish phrase party is sometimes translated as “party,” and it’s used to indicate a celebratory event in which the party guests gather to celebrate.

It’s not just the celebration that’s important, but how it’s conducted, says Haskers.

“If you have a party where the participants have a great time and it ends up with a lot of drinks, there’s a good chance that it’s a party,” she says.

The reason the word party came into the American lexicon was probably the popularity of “party bus” — a bus service operated by the National Football League that brought holiday parties to a number of cities.

In 2016, a man named Andrew Lee was arrested for allegedly forcing his friend to drive the party bus.

In a Facebook post, he said, “I’m not the only one with a problem.

There are others.”

The following year, another man was charged with assaulting another man at a party bus in Texas.

Both men pleaded not guilty.

“In terms of people who have the same experience as you, it’s the language that’s the issue,” Haskans says.

“There are some words that have been around for a long time and they’re a part of our language.

We have a problem with people who want to use them to disparage other languages.”

There are also cultural issues that arise when social workers use the word holiday party.

Haskins says that when she was teaching English at a public school in the 1980s, she and other Spanish-American teachers were instructed to use the term holiday party as a slang term to refer not to a festive event but to a celebration.

“There were kids who were getting dressed and dancing and going to parties, and the language we were using to describe that was holiday party,” Hasking says.

But Haskens says the term party is used in a different way now than it was in the past.

“We’ve got to get to a point where we don’t use the words party anymore because it’s so derogatory, and it really hurt the community,” she adds.

It can be difficult for some social workers to find holiday parties that fit their culture, especially in the Southern U.C. South, where the word is considered offensive.

The term party bus, which originated in the 1930s, has also become associated with racial discrimination.

“You don’t want to offend the Hispanic community,” Hasks says.

Hasking says she’s not surprised to hear that there are so many Spanish-as-a-second-language speakers in Los Angeles.

“As Spanish speakers, we have a lot to offer,” she explains.

“We’re very active in the community, we’re very vocal, we work very hard.”

And while it’s possible for people from other cultures to have holiday parties, the vast majority of Spanish speakers have learned to speak Spanish at home.

According to a survey by the American Academy of Spanish and Latino Studies, about 25 percent of U.K. social workers and 20 percent of Spanish speaking professionals are Spanish-Speaking.

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