How to make a dragon feather and a colored pencil for fall

Fall is here!

Fall is here and now is the time for coloring pencils and dragon feathers.

I had a little help this fall from my friend, the wonderful and creative Liz Gentry, who has a new book coming out called “Color Changing Cups” (Amazon,, and Barnes and Noble).

I’ve been dying to buy a book on coloring pencil and dragon feather since I was a kid, but this book is just about perfect for this season! 

I bought the book a few months ago, so I can say with some confidence that I’m now an expert!

If you’re looking to get started this season, I recommend getting the book for free or paying $5 or more for the full edition.

I think it’s worth the money if you’ve already got some color work in the closet.

The full book is $8.99, which is more than double what you would pay for a color pencil.

If your favorite book has a color pen, it might be worth getting this book to take care of your dragon feather problem.

If you don’t want to spend much, though, I suggest grabbing a couple of these colored pencils for your coloring table.

You can use them to change your dragon’s color, change the colors of your wings, or even create a color-changing cup.

The feathers are just one of the ways you can make the coloring on your dragon easy.

Want to learn more about the different colors and shapes of dragons?

Check out these other books: The Color Changing Cups and Color Changing Dragons: How to Change Your Dragon Feathers (Kindle, Amazon, Amazon)

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