How to create an image of your pet in Barbie coloring books – barbie coloring page


— A Colorado Springs family has been inspired by a pet coloring book and turned their pet into a star on a star-filled barbie page.

The Colorado Springs Barbie Club created a page called “I Am Your Pet,” which features a pet’s picture and caption on a colorful background.

On the page, a pet with a star, the caption reads, “I’m a star.”

The Barbie page was created in collaboration with Petco’s PetCo Store, which is celebrating its 100th birthday.

The Barbies’ page was shared with more than 40,000 people on Facebook and received more than 7,700 comments.

“It really just inspired us to just try and make something more unique than what we had seen before,” Katie Molnar said.

The page was also featured in the pet store’s Instagram account, which features more than 600 pet photos.

“I mean, it just felt really good to see something like that, just for my own pet,” Molner said.

“And it was fun to be able to share it with other people and see it come to life on the internet,” Minskar said, adding that she wanted the page to help others.

“The fact that we can share it and that it’s a pet friendly page, it was a huge step for us,” Moller said.

Molnar and her husband, David, who runs the Barbies, are not only hoping to see the page become a hit, but to use it to teach other pet owners how to use their pets for fun and profit.

“To be able that someone could go out and buy one of our dogs and make it something that people can actually look at and really enjoy,” David Molnier said.

“To see people enjoy it and have a fun time with it is really awesome.”

The Molners say they’ve already received hundreds of requests for the pet page to be added to

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