How to change your color blindness with the Colorblind Color Guide

“I’m a color blind person,” says Lauren D’Ambrosio, the author of Color Blind Colors: A Color-Loving Guide to Colors, Colors and the World.

“I’ve had a colorblindness since I was about eight years old, so I was kind of a freak in the sense that I could never see color, but I could always tell what color someone was looking at.”

D’Ambroios has always been fascinated by colors, and has since been learning to decipher the nuances of their shapes and colors.

After a stint at Disney Studios, D’Amore joined the team at Disney ColorVision, where she created a color palette for Disney’s Colorblind Program.

D’Amores Colorblind Colors, which was released in 2018, has become one of her most popular books.

“The colors that you see are the ones that are in your brain, but what you don’t see are all the colors that are actually in the world,” she says.

D’Alessio has a history of coloring books, having illustrated books in her teens and adulthood.

But, when she was younger, she was a huge fan of the Disney color book series, The Color Wheel.

Davenport says that as a child, she had trouble with color because of her color blindness.

“I had trouble reading color books.

I would see a picture of blue and I would think, ‘Oh, that’s a blue that I’ve never seen before,'” she says, “and I would just go and buy that book.””

When you go to a color book, you’re looking at a palette that you can only see a portion of.”

Davenport explains that she has been able to adjust her color vision to be able to read colors in the right places.

Dose the Color, Davenports book about colorblind people, tells the story of the Color Wheel, a coloring book series where participants must navigate a rainbow of colors to reach their next destination.

“As a kid, my favorite colors were purple and orange.

I had no idea what the colors were,” Davenpool says.

“When I was growing up, I just liked to read about how we used to make fun of other color-blind people.”

Davids color vision isn’t perfect.

Her eyes aren’t as sensitive as people with normal color vision, but Davens has learned to adjust to it.

“We’ve got the ability to see colors.

It’s a bit like our eyes, our skin,” she explains.

“The problem is that our skin doesn’t respond to it as well as our eyes.

And so, we’re kind of at the mercy of our color vision.”

But, Deveros Colorblind Books has proven to be a great resource for coloring, and can be used to help others learn more about color.

Deveroes book about the Color Wheels has helped many people with color vision and their families.

“When I saw that book, I was like, ‘Okay, I need to know more about colors,'” Davenpains daughter, Tia, told me.

“You learn to understand the world, and to see different colors, you know?” she added.

“It’s a great book to read to your children.”

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