How to Build a Kitchen Cabinet Color Theory Table for $15,000

“If you’re not into a big house, you’re probably not going to be able to afford a big kitchen cabinet,” says Eric Shih, an urban designer in Los Angeles who helped build the $15 million Kitchen Cabinet.

“I would like to say this is a huge investment but it’s really not.”

To help get you started, Shih and the team at Shih’s Design Academy, a studio in Santa Monica, used a color theory table to help them find the best color combinations for each item on the table.

The table was designed to show the difference between various colors, with each color representing a different style of furniture.

The design team used a photo of the home, and selected three colors from each of the three rooms to represent the house.

Shih said the team was looking for colors that would be pleasing to the eye, but were also practical for home decorating.

“The palette was the most important thing to me,” he says.

“It’s a palette, but it is also about aesthetics.”

To create the palette, Shishman used a software program that automatically analyzes the colors and creates a table that fits the room.

Each color is paired with a number on the color theory chart, which helps to categorize each color.

To add a new color, simply type in the number that matches your desired palette.

The results are then displayed in the table, with the colors highlighted for your viewing pleasure.

The palette is also customizable, so you can add any color you want and have it appear in the menu bar.

For instance, you could choose to use white for a kitchen cabinet and white for the dining room.

The team also has an online tool that allows users to change the color of the table for their kitchen cabinets and other furniture, which allows for customization and customization flexibility.

“You can put any color on the palette,” Shishmen says.

A simple color scheme for the kitchen cabinet.

“With the Kitchen Cabinet, we were able to find that [a] lot of people want a specific palette and want it to be a specific color,” Shih says.

For example, a person might like a particular shade of brown, or a certain shade of white.

“There’s also an interesting element of a palette being a lot more organic,” Shshih says, “that is, you can have a palette that’s very much in the same place, but have that palette be quite different from the other ones.”

Shishmans Kitchen Cabinet palette.

“A lot of these people don’t want the same palette as their family,” Shiyman adds.

“They just want different colors for different things.”

To make the table a little bit more attractive, Shiymans team also added some embellishments to the palette.

They added a small piece of paper to the top of the palette that the design team could place under the table to create a little table lamp.

The lamp itself, a simple white lightbulb, was meant to be an accent color.

“If it was a big table, you would have a lot of lighting for it,” Shushman says.

The Kitchen Cabinet is available in the Shih Design Academy online store for $17,995, which includes the table and a custom-built cabinet for $16,995.

To find the real price, go to Shihs online store and use the coupon code “design” and enter the price you’d like to pay.

“We didn’t want to put money on it,” says Shih.

“That’s what we wanted to do was to build something that people would want to have for a certain budget.”

The design is available online at and at a retail store in Santa Cruz, California, by January 2019.

You can also order the table in the United States from Shih at or at the website.

The first home built with a Shishons Kitchen Cabinet will be the home of designer Jules Bianchi, who designed the $5 million home he purchased for $5.5 million in 2014.

For more from Shishshani, follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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