Hacked ‘gameboy’ wig is a $20,000 gift from the world of online gaming

A “gameboy” wig, a plastic wig made from the hair of an actual gameboy game, was sold for $20k online in Israel, the country’s biggest online marketplace, the Israeli company Game Shop reported Wednesday.

The wig was purchased from a man named A.M., who was a moderator on a gaming forum for the Israeli gaming community.

The buyer did not give a full name for his or her business, Game Shop said.

The wig was reportedly made from hair from the gameboy model and was available for $15,000.

The buyer reportedly sold the wig on Tuesday in the online gaming market known as the “market” on the popular gaming forum NeoGAF, a forum that has been the subject of a wave of hacks and threats of violence against members in recent weeks.

In February, an Israeli teenager was killed after a gunman opened fire at the West Bank village of Duma.

Israel’s security service, the Shin Bet, said that the gunman, 18-year-old Yosef Yaghi, used a fake “game” to gain access to a woman’s home.

He later committed suicide, and Yagai’s body was later found with a gunshot wound to the head.

Yagabi is believed to have also shot and killed his father.

In November, a gunman killed four Israelis and injured dozens of others in a shooting rampage at the Tel Aviv supermarket and a gas station.

The gunman had claimed to be a member of the Islamic State group.

In the past, the Islamic group has claimed responsibility for attacks targeting Israeli Jews, including the shooting spree in Paris in 2015.

In October, a suspected Palestinian gunman shot and wounded three Jewish students at a high school in the southern West Bank.

In May, a Hamas-linked group released a video purporting to show the group’s leader, Ayman Zawahri, shooting a Jewish student in the back during a Jerusalem rally.

Zawamiri, who is considered to be one of Hamas’s most dangerous leaders, is currently serving a life sentence in the Israeli prison system.

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