Frozen coloring pages: Faced with colorado’s freezing problem, TechCrunch’s Robert Lee covers the problem

The problem with the Colorado School of Design and its students is a real one: They’re too lazy to color.

The school’s website says the problem was discovered by students after a snowstorm in February.

And it’s not just the students.

The Wall Street Journal’s Adam Lee reported on Monday that the school has been plagued by its own problems: “The school has a lack of staff to oversee students’ work, as well as its own supply of color.

It also has no computers for online courses, according to the school’s vice president, Lisa Dye.”

Lee found that some of the schools staff members were working overtime to help fix the problem, but they weren’t paid.

“The principal of the building where students live, who is not affiliated with the school, told me he wasn’t aware of the problem,” Lee said.

“He was told by his staff that he was the one responsible for the problem.”

The schools website says its students have to spend a week in a temporary room at the center of the campus, with one student having to share a room with another student because the school can’t afford to pay rent.

“We are not reimbursing for the time students spend in the temporary room because the space is so small,” the website reads.

“Therefore, we have to ask students to do unpaid work during this time.”

The schools budget is $25,000 per semester, and the school doesn’t have enough money to pay the students, so students have resorted to taking up to six hours of overtime a week, according a Wall Street Post report from December.

The article reported that Colorado students are taking time off from school in order to find a place to stay, and have been known to use food stamps as a way to make ends meet.

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