Color Codes are a great way to find nail colors for Fall 2017

Color codes are the new trend for nail polish designers to use in nail art tutorials, but you’re not going to find them in your local nail store.

But if you’re looking for color codes in your nail art tutorial, there are plenty of color codes out there that you can look up on your computer, and they’re just as good.

These color codes can help you find nail polishes that look good with your nail colors, so it’s definitely a great time to start using nail colors with nail art!

Here are the nail color codes that are popular on the Internet right now, and why you should always go with one over another.


Blue-Eyed Nail Color Code: It looks cool, but it really isn’t blue.

This is a good option if you don’t want to mess up your nails, but there are lots of colors that are more blue than this one, so make sure to check your nails before you apply this one.

The blue is actually the only shade of blue in this shade, which means that it won’t completely cover your nail.

You can always remove it with some rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover.


White-Eyled Nail Type Code: This is the perfect shade of white, which is not very pigmented, but still gives you a pretty solid finish.

You could even try this one if you have a very dark nail color and want a very white polish.


White and Yellow-Ey’d Nail Code: If you have very light nails, or you’re someone who tends to have light nails but has a yellow to yellow tone, this is a great option.

You’re going to have a lighter tone with this one too, which gives you an even finish.


Yellow-Nail Type: This one is a little more neutral, and it’s a really nice shade of yellow, but the blue is still there.


Blue with Red Nail: This might be your favorite nail color, but this one is really not the best option for people who have red nail tones.


Yellow and Blue with Pink Nail and Blue: This shade of pink is actually quite vibrant, but just like all the other nail colors on this list, you have to wear the polish for at least 24 hours to really see any improvement.


Purple-Eyered Nail Types: This color is purple, but a lot of people also refer to it as purple with red eyes.

This would be the best choice for those who have blue eyes, or for those with pink eyes.


Blue and Pink with Red Eyes: This purple is more blue-ish, but definitely has red eyes, so be sure to apply it with nail polish.


Purple with Green Eyes: If your nails are blue, you can definitely see the difference between this and the other purple nail colors.


Blue, Yellow and Green Nail Colors: If these are the best options, then this is the best nail color to use.


Blue Nail with Red Eye: If this is your favorite color, you’re going on vacation, and you just want a nail polish that looks like your nails do, then it’s going to look amazing on you.


Purple Nail on Blue: It might look like you’re doing this with blue eyes but it’s actually purple eyes, which will definitely help you to look like your nail polish is actually a purple shade.


Red Nails with Green Eyed Nails: This nail color is a red nail, which makes it look like a red eye.


Purple, Red and Blue Nails for Blue Eyes: It’s really fun to play with the shades of this color.


Blue Eyed Eye Colors: It really looks like you have blue-eyed nails, so this one will definitely work well for you.


Purple Eyed and Blue Eyered Nails on Blue Eyes for Red Eyes and Pink Eyes: You’re probably not going for blue-eye polish on your red nails, and this is definitely not the right nail color for you, so you’re better off with a purple nail color instead.


Red Eyed Eyed Hair Colors: This looks really good on your pink or red nails.


Purple Hair Colors on Blue Eyes for Pink Eyes and Red Eyeds: This definitely looks like a purple color, so go for this one for a purple-eye-looking finish.


Green Nails and Red Nicks: If purple and red are your nails colors, this looks like the perfect color for them.


Blue Hair Colors for Red Eyebrows: This would definitely look amazing with your red eyes and your pink-eye nails.


Purple and Yellow Hair Colors and Nails Color Palettes: You’ll be surprised how many different colors are available for red nails and purple-eyed eyes

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