Aussie women rock ‘n’ roll icon is still a rockstar

An Australian rock icon who was an integral part of the rock ‘universe’ for decades is still going strong.

Former rock star and guitarist Sue O’Neill is still one of Australia’s most popular and sought-after soloists.

Key points:Sue O’Neil died on Sunday after a battle with cancerShe was 86 years old and the first woman to play the iconic bass guitar in rock historySue’s song, ‘Sister Mary’, was instrumental in rock ‘networking’Sue was known for her infectious style and contagious energy as a rock ‘noise machine’Sister O’Niel was the first Australian woman to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of FameSister Mae was also inducted in the Rock Hall of fameSister Sione was also a founding member of the Mothers of Invention in 1969Sister Catherine was the youngest of the original Sisters of InventionThe Australian woman, known for pioneering the music scene with her distinctive blend of classic rock and punk rock, died on Saturday at home in Queensland, aged 86.

She was found in her bed with breathing difficulties.

“It’s really sad to lose Sue.

She was such a great influence on the entire Australian music scene,” said Sister Mae O’Sullivan, the mother of singer-songwriter Catherine O’Malley.

Sister Maud O’Meara O’Reilly, who also played the guitar and sang in the Sisters of Eternity, said she was also devastated.

“She was such an inspiration to me.

She did everything from getting me started to being my mom and it’s sad to see her gone,” she said.”

Sue loved playing in the rain and she loved going to concerts.

She loved all of it.

She wasn’t afraid of anything.

She knew how to bring out the best in her audience.”

O’Neill and O’Mahons bandmates Sue and Catherine Oates, who are both still alive, said in a statement they were saddened by the news.

“We are heartbroken to hear the news that Sue passed away this morning.

Our love and respect goes out to her family and friends,” the statement read.”

Our hearts go out to the entire Oates family.

We have been in contact with Sue’s family.

I am also in touch with Catherine and Sue’s mother to offer my condolences.”

The Australian Women’s Rock Hall Of Fame inductee was also known for leading the Mothers Of Invention into the rock scene.

“I loved her as a singer, a guitarist and an entertainer.

She had the power to change people’s lives,” Catherine Oate said.

Sue also played in the Mothers band as well as the Mothers, who would go on to record a number of hits for the group, including ‘Sugar Baby’, and their ‘Mothers Of Invention’ album.

“My daughter Sue and her band, the Mothers.

We were one of the best,” O’Reillys mother, Catherine OReilly, said.

The Oates’ music career was also helped by their rock-centric upbringing.

“A lot of her childhood music was played in churches in the rural area where we grew up, and she played it as much as she could.”

There were a few other sisters in the family, and it wasn’t the same when Sue was in the band, but they were just as passionate about it as she was.

“You can see the influence she had on all of us, and I hope she was able to have that legacy for generations to come,” Catherine said.’

The music was the most important thing’She had a great voice, she said, and her music was part of everything.

“Catherine also said that her music influenced other artists, including the likes of the Rolling Stones, Nirvana and Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain.”

The music, the lyrics, the instrumentation was the greatest thing.

That’s the biggest thing.

You couldn’t do it on your own.

You had to get someone to do it,” Catherine added.”

Her music and the way she played the bass guitar and the vocals were so unique.

It was so fun.

“If I was a rock star, it would be my bass guitar playing.

If I was in a band, I’d be on my guitar playing and that would be it.

You could never do that on your hands.”

To play the bass in a rock band is something you could never replicate.

“Sue played in a number on the Mothers’ album, ‘Mama’.”

She did everything on the bass.

I’m so proud of her.

She really did everything.

She played the most beautiful instruments.

She could sing so well,” Catherine told News.”

For me, I think she was a very, very special woman.

“Sister Sue’s music was instrumental, but she also took it in a different direction.”

In the early 80s she wrote songs that were

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