11+ Best simple Arabic Mehndi Designs For Your Wedding

Regardless of what kind of event it is, whether it’s a wedding or any other affair; when Indian women give each other gifts of desserts they take the time to apply henna tattoos to their skin. Arabesque-inspired mehndi designs are all the rage these days and now some brides even have henna tattoos drawn on their feet, making them look stunning.

In India this tradition is all about being festive – so much so that applying henna inkings has become customary at weddings, ceremonies and anything else considered special among Hindus and Muslims alike. And though people around here seem less interested in traditions like this than before – henna tattoos still hold significance for many people around here too!

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According to Hindu tradition, when a bride’s mehndi gets darker after being drawn on her hands and feet, it means that the groom will love his wife more than he does now. It has been hypothesized for years about how mehndi is applied during weddings – with no set answer or explanation about its origin.

But now, we won’t go into detail about what this may be; instead, here are some easy mehndi designs that you can apply for both your hands and feet when getting married. If you want to share these designs with your friends, feel free!

Latest & Simple Arabic Mehndi Designs

These hand-drawn mehndi designs look complicated at first, but are actually composed of simple flowers and mandalas mixed together. When applied to one’s hands and feet, they create awe-inspiring patterns that seemingly require intricate drawing skills.

Bell Latest Mehendi Design

This mehendi is decorated with an intricate design of bells that seem to hang delicately from the intricate jali.

Bold Mehendi Design

In this specific style of mehendi, thick lines were drawn around the most important parts of the design, highlighting them and giving a beautiful touch.

Simple and Easy Arabic Mehendi Design

This is an easy-to-complete Arabic style mehendi design! Draw large strokes to depict leaves and flowers – you can do them all over your hand, just around one finger, or anywhere else in between.

Well, we hope these mehendi ideas were of some help to you and that you will surely include these in your upcoming wedding ceremonies. Whether minimal or OTT, we have got you with options for every kind and we are so not getting over these trending yet classy designs anytime soon. So, pin down your favorite ones right away.

Bharwa Arabah Mehndi Designs are a variation of the traditional henna patterns. They come in elaborate designs and can only be worn by family members or friends of the bride. Henna Artists have learned how to stay true to long-standing traditions while adding their own distinctive touch that make it unique to every individual design – all without breaking a sweat or doing anything at all! This particular example is exquisite; being both beautiful and practical–a combination few people could do without fail.

With its leafy vines and floral patterns, this traditional mehandi design has an air of calmness about it. There is no sign of paisley or any other motif – instead it consists entirely of simple but beautiful henna patterns such as leaves and flowers. And yet despite its simplicity, while the outline might look easy enough to draw without much detail work, those intricate details require quick hands that only a true pro will know how to deal with.

Traditional Arabic Full Leg Mehndi Design:

A beautiful blend of timeless traditions emerged from the delicate yet detailed work on her hands. The ribbons, leaves and flowers were so intricately intertwined that they had faded into one another- forming an intricate tapestry without borders. With every stroke; she revealed a hidden beauty in her craft which refused to be left unseen by anyone who took an interest in looking beyond what was already seen. For someone trying out traditional Indian fashion for the first time – this henna tattoo would suit them best with garments like lehengas and kurtis but if you’re looking for something more modern then pairing it up with Western wear will do just fine.

Heart Back-Hand Arabic Mehndi Design:

This backhand mehndi design is extremely chic and sophisticated. The chain of interlinked hearts with dainty rose motifs are something worth marveling at. The delicate floral patterns add an elegant edge to the design with keen attention to every detail – it’s like they were just plucked right out of nature herself. The chains extending to the fingertips lend this design a contemporary look, while keeping its traditional roots intact; while those extensions onto the ring fingers take this beautiful piece full circle in terms of simplicity and traditionalism. This ensemble would be perfect for a wedding or family event! It would go wonderfully with ethnic clothing and jewelry!

Half Mandala Style

The mandala is perfect for the mehndi design. Aren’t they? Half floral mandalas look so beautiful etched on one’s hand.

Diamond Patch Pattern Khafif

Here are some steps on how to create the traditional Diamond Patch Mehendi design. To start off, make a small boxed shape and place it in an empty space where it can stand out all by itself.

Opposite Motif Pattern Easy Mehndi Designs:

As you can see, for this straightforward mehndi design, the same pattern has been drawn again. So once you’ve drawn the pattern, it should be easier for you the second time around. You will end up with the cleanest design if your mehndi cone cooperates.

  • Suitable Occasion: These are perfect for events related to family, such as weddings and festivals.
  • Design Placement: They can be applied all over the body—to the hands, arms, and feet.
  • Matching Ornaments: Wear them along with any Indian outfits you already own for an added effect!

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