10+ Simple and Easy Mehndi Designs for All Occasions!

Remember this yesteryear’s Hindi song Put Your Mehndi On, Decorate Your Palanquin? This line roughly translates to put your mehendi on, decorate your palanquin (as) your prince is coming. The emphasis is more on the mehndi as it starts off a traditional Indian wedding celebration. There are also beliefs that if you have colorful mehndi designs then your married life will be better! Whether they’re just tales or factual stories – putting mehndi designs on offer many health benefits and make my hands look pretty too!

It started back in India during the Vedic era when henna tattoos were used for decoration purposes. But it wasn’t until centuries later, during the Mughal dynasty, that this trend took off and evolved into something else entirely. As time went on, so did the henna design trends; adapting themselves to reflect current fashion trends.

Simple And Easy Mehndi Designs For Beginners:

Do you think applying mehndi is too difficult of a task and not worth your while? It’s really not hard at all if you practice often enough. Start with basic shapes and expand them as much as necessary once you’re feeling confident enough. Either do it yourself or ask for a friend to help out for awhile – but start practicing now! After getting everything set up, creating an elegant design will take less than thirty minutes – give it a try! Here are some simple mehndi designs that might get you started

Indo-Arabic Art by Amrita:

If you’re a fan of Arabic designs, then why not start your practice with them? Take a look at this latest pattern which merges multiple elements to embellish the palm. First floral motifs are drawn on the side of the hand, followed by geometric additions such as criss-crossing lines, swirling

  • An article about the art of henna tattoos says It is ideal for small events like family gatherings, traditional Pujas or even a close friend’s wedding.
  • It adds that designs are typically elaborate and aren’t necessarily overwhelming.
  • The author suggests trying it on parts of your body other than just hands too—like feet.
  • They recommend having darker skin tones because they’re often lighter than other parts of the body where henna might be placed.
  • For matching ornamentation options, the author recommends bangles or statement rings.

Moon-Shaped Ramzan (Eid) Mehndi Designs:

The Crescent symbol is significant in Ramzan month. It carries a special appeal for Muslims. The thing about this mark is that it starts out small but gets larger every time you put another layer on top of the original mark, which signifies progressive enlightenment and awareness. This belief inspires Muslims to have this particular design during Ramzan, because they want to start off the new year with something that can improve their luck; because nobody wants bad fortune holding them back all the way through life.

Mandala Back Hand Mehndi Design

One of the oldest traditional mehndi designs, the mandala design is usually done on only one hand- although it can also be done on both hands. The best part about doing this design is that you don’t need to worry about trying to fill in the spaces- which means you’ll have plenty of time to add intricate patterns if desired.

Leafy Jaalis Enclosing Floral Art

We can’t stop staring at this beautiful black henna design. Small leafy jaali designs and a flower pattern on the wrist add flair to what would otherwise be an ordinary tattoo.

White Mehendi Designs That Are Absolutely Gorgeous

This simple yet exquisite bridal mehndi design is one-of-a-kind and it makes for an elegant accessory too. You won’t need anything else to dress up your hands when you have this work of art.

Pinky Finger Arabic Design

This minimalistic Arabic mehendi design features simplified floral patterns flowing from one side of the backside of the palm to the pinky finger. On top of this there are also accompanying frame-like designs around each finger which can be seen close up in detail if you zoom into it.

Classic Easy Arabic Mehendi Design

Arabic henna tattoos may seem simple and basic at first glance but they are actually quite intricate. When you draw from the bottom up in a circular pattern with flowers or other patterns of your choosing it is amazing how beautiful it becomes.

Easy Lotus Mehndi Design:

Other than easy flowers, there are other types of flowers which could also be found in mehndi designs; such as the lotus. This particular flower is quite simple to create, and when shaded over with henna powder becomes one of the most beautiful designs out there. In this example of a mehndi design using other colors from nature- such as mango leaves- creating a pure looking tattoo has never been so fast or simple.

Checks Art by Designer Nashwah Khan:

Checks have always been in fashion and will never go out of style! They are a simple but sophisticated way to add some flair to an outfit. Here is one such example of checks done right; starting with the heart shaped design in the center of the hand, surrounding an easy mandala pattern. The edges are lined with different types of diagonal patterns for effect.

  • Appropriate Occasion: This Arabesque design can be worn during pre-wedding festivities such as engagements and other rituals. It looks good at events like Diwali, too! Design Placement: The pattern suits the back of your hand best.
  • Suitable Skin Tone: Fair to light skin tones are ideal for this tattoo since darker complexions will make it difficult for ink to show through.
  • Matching Accessories: Simple bracelets, floral jewelry, or statement wrist bands.

Three-Part Simple Mehndi Design:

This Mehandi design is unlike anything else you might have seen before. It starts off with intricate details and then fills the remainder of the palm with a leafy outline made from an assortment of different colors.

  • Suitable Occasion: Appropriate for family gatherings and festivals. Design Placement: Apply this on your palms or back of the hand.
  • Matching Ornaments: This design goes well with traditional outfits such as Indian, Pakistani and other ethnic clothes.

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