15 Latest Arabic Mehndi Designs 2022, Easy & Beautiful

Indian weddings are a festival of colors, smells and sounds! Most people usually attend these festivities for 3 consecutive days. For these occasions there is the mehendi function which marks an important stage in the wedding plans. It starts with getting henna painted onto parts of our body such as the palms or feet and it signifies different meanings depending on how dark it is.

However, there are other events that happen during this time-like performances or conversations about what will happen after marriage and what to expect from being married to each other. The bride has one decision left-which design should she choose from many wonderful choices? Traditional mehndi, bharwa mehndi, arabic mehndi… There are so many options but we have blog posts here that describe some others-be sure to find one you like!

What is an Arabic mehndi design & how does it differ from other traditional mehndi designs?

An Arabic mehndi design includes a pattern that looks more free flowing and includes classic elements such as paisleys, florals, and leaves. Unlike the traditional wedding mehndi patterns which are much more detailed, this type of design can leave some space on your hands. Originating from Persia and common in Arab countries like Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, and Oman – people call it an Arabic mehndi because it has origins there too.

Below are some of the most popular Arabic mehndi designs from around the world.

Arabic Mehndi Designs For Front Hand

Mehndi, as evidenced by her Instagram account @amritahenna852, is both flowing and sacred for many Indian women in different age brackets. Though some might confuse its meaning with other types of tattoos or permanant body paintings (as is often the case with international branding), Mehndi marks celebrations through a number of events such as births, marriages, festivals and new beginnings. Mehendi can be used to ward off evil forces too – so if you’re looking to hide your past from judgemental eyes then read on because there’s nothing quite like henna

This half hand Mehendi design is elegant but simple. Geometric patterns and delicate flowers give this design some charm – its symmetry is perfect, just like the flower and fruit motifs you’ll find at its center. You could wear these pretty designs anywhere from weddings to casual gatherings – go for a full day dress or skirt if you want an even fancier look!

This design is traditional but modern at the same time. Large silhouettes of roses with a chic curly border in between give it its own specific aesthetic. The delicate lace patterns create an eye-catching design that has elegance while being bolder than other designs. This is perfect for company events, one that can be worn to work or during leisure time! Combine it with jewelry and you’ll start shining wherever you go!

Blooming Rose With Pretty Leaves

This beautiful yet simplistic Arabic henna design features roses and leaves which are drawn carefully, making it seem as though they’re real!

Simple And Easy Khafif Design

If you are new to mehndi designs, this one is a great way to start. It’s simple and stylish enough that no one will know it’s your first time doing mehndi! For beautiful mehndi cones at an affordable price, or excellent quality henna powder, download the Meesho App.

The Lotus Paisley Design from Orlando Artist Kale:

Try this design on an eager bride-to-be and earn her everlasting appreciation! This artistic pattern captures all the iconic symbols of Hinduism – like the lotus flower, mango paisley, flowers, leaves – combined in perfect harmony for a wonderfully stunning mehndi artwork. Begin at the wrist with your favorite designs drawn randomly and detailed with beautiful shapes such as swirls, thick dots or straight lines. Congratulations!

  • Suitable Occasion: These are suitable for weddings and auspicious occasions such as Diwali, Durga Pooja etc.
  • Body Placement: You can place the main pattern on the backside of your palm while extending it further down towards your wrist.
  • Suitable Skin Tone: If you’re wearing this type at the backside of the hand, there isn’t a need to worry about skin tones matching anything else.
  • Matching Ornamentation (if applicable): Traditional temple bangles, Lakshmi Kasu ornaments would work best with these patterns.Save to documentEditMore like this
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Feet Mehendi Jewellery Designs That You Will Love

You will love this beautiful mehndi design for your feet, which is a nice alternative to wearing an anklet.

Bracelet Style Simple Design

This elegant design is one of the most popular mehendi styles because it combines a beautiful appearance with simplicity. Simple mehndi designs are typically drawn on wrists and other extremities before connecting them all through a major motif.

Hanging Mehendi Designs

In these designs, the henna is applied in a way that it appears as though they are hanging. Commonly, the motifs will be placed near the center of the palm or at the tip of one’s fingers.

Floral Simple Arabic Mehendi Design

The newest Arabic mehndi design features delicate, fragrant flowers. If you love floral designs, then show it off with these intricate yet easy-to-master additions. These designs are surprisingly simplistic – but make a huge difference when done right. They’re bound to bring out the best in your tattoo if you know what you’re doing – and we all know how much love people have for them!

Here is yet another one of Amrita Henna’s appealing designs. You may want to keep your mehndi strokes all the same width so they’re easier to replicate and here there are plenty of gaps between each line so that you can create something open and beautiful. This Arabic-style mehndi design would also suit a bride- or groom-to-be’s sister or friends, looking for something less bulky than the typical Bharwa Mehndi style.

This is a very simple yet beautiful arabic henna design for the hands. It may be difficult to replicate, but don’t worry – because all you need are some basic drawing skills and some Henna tubes! If you are running out of time before an important event or function, do not fear – there are plenty of easy-to-follow designs available that will serve as your best option.

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