13 Back Hand Mehndi Designs That Will Steal Your Heart

When you think of Mehndi, the first thought to cross your mind would be its ornate design that had been painstakingly engraved onto one’s palm. But what many don’t realize is that there are also intricate patterns on ones back hand; these designs however, unlike their counterparts on one’s palms, are often overlooked as they are seen as being too much work or unnecessary. But if one does put in effort and chooses carefully – this hand art can add an element of uniqueness and beauty to ones hands without even realizing it! So without taking up anymore of your time- let’s delve right into our list of unique Back Hand Mehndi Designs!

Bridal Back Hand Mehndi Design

In India, you are not considered a true bride until your whole body is covered in mehndi – from head to toe. Some believe the more elaborate and intricately patterned mehndi worn by the bride will signify her beauty.

Roses Art by Artist Nashwah:

As an additional level of intricacy, this intricate lace-inspired design will do the trick. Start by drawing rose petals and leaves in your palm with basic curves. Fill these shapes with henna paste to make them stand out. Draw a netting pattern over top of these shapes using a honeycomb design and then cap it off with some curvy patterns on the outside. Continue up the arm by adding diagonal checks and swirls for the full effect!

  • Body Placement: It is suitable for the backside of your hand.
  • Matching Ornaments: If you need to know what jewelry would go well with this design, please contact us.

Clever Crescent Mehendi Designs for Ramzan:

Another ingenious invention by Mehendi artists! The moon isn’t present here – but instead, the simple design of a line creates the impression that she has captured its divine light in her grasp. It makes her happy. A tingling sensation flows through her body as she admires how intricately detailed it is; from its pretty patterned veins to its gorgeous floral centerpieces. This design is perfect for any occasion and we can think of nothing more auspicious than celebrating this festival – one where we celebrate the beauty of life itself and all its wonderment.

Flowers All Over The Backhand

Roses represent love and even though this Arabic mehndi design is simplistic, it leaves behind an everlasting mark.

Who Needs Bridal Accessories With Such Pretty Mehendi Designs?

We just can’t stop staring at this dazzling mehandi design, and it would be perfect for a bride.

If you’re in search of minimalistic mandala designs, this out-of-this-world boho bridal mehendi design will take your breath away. We can’t stop looking at it!

All eyes will be on your hands with this collection of mind-blowing mehndi designs that are so pretty and sophisticated.

Minimalistic Abstract Mehndi Design

This beautiful design has an exciting yet traditional essence to it, as it merges a variety of different styles together into one masterpiece. This spectacular mehendi is making waves and is among the most popular designs at the moment.

Peacock Easy Arabic Mehendi Design

The exotic and graceful Arabian mehndi design- peacocks are said to bring good luck. It could definitely bring some luck to you if you draw this pattern on your hands. Mixing it up with different designs like roses or lotuses will make the design even prettier. Trust us; everyone will love such a beautiful masterpiece.

Floral Back Hand Mehndi Design

Flowers represent beauty in the Indian culture. That might be why many Indian artists are obsessed with floral designs. Motifs include lotus petals, lilies, or even leaves and vines – they’re all symbolic of flowers in some way or another. This design is simple to make yet it looks gorgeous; try it out!

Peacock Back Hand Mehndi Design

The peacock is used as a symbol of high status in Indian culture, often including this motif in traditional Henna art. A belief that a peacock brings good fortune is what drives its popularity among celebratory and wedding-related Henna designs; it may be seen anywhere from just being included to taking up most of the space on the arm or back. Seen above are ornate patterns created exclusively for hands. They may also be stretched all the way down to one’s elbow if desired, adding more intricate detail to the finished product.

Criss-Cross Back Hand Mehndi Design

We have already seen the striped Mehndi pattern in finger Mehndi designs. This design looks even more appealing when done on the back of the hand. You can go for a pattern that completely covers your whole hand or a lower half design.

Rajasthani Back Hand Mehndi Designs

What sets Rajasthani Mehendi Culture apart from others is that this design is intricately carved onto the hands and feet of both the bride and groom. It also applies to hand Back Hand Mehndi Designs – such as what you see here in this picture.

Arabic Back Hand Mehndi Designs

A list about the history of Mehndi wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Arab Mehndi. Those who take the time to learn these intricate designs are rewarded with a lifetime of beautiful art.

The Elaborate Leg Mehendi By Amrita Kale:

This amazing mehndi design will not take much time or effort, once you master the basics. Start by drawing a line near your ankles to indicate where you want the pattern to begin – either near your feet or just above your knee. From there, build up from small strokes until all the areas are covered with intricate patterns. Combining various techniques such as making thicker lines, thinner lines, diagonal designs and domes will give this traditional Indian art form depth and character. Make sure that every inch of skin is decorated from top to bottom including hands and feet for an authentic finishing touch.

  • Matching Ornaments: Pair with chunky metallic Payal with Polki toe rings.
  • Design Placement: Create this pattern from the knee up or just at foot level.
  • Suitable Occasion: This design is best suited for weddings and smaller events.


    Mehendi is an ancient tradition which has adorned the hands and feet since its origins. In recent decades it has become trendy to mix different patterns together, creating new styles for people to admire. The result of this mixture is usually pleasing and often innovative, bringing an element of joy to any celebration.

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