10+ Most Versatile Arabic Mehndi Designs Collection 2022!

Arabic Mehndi Designs are the most versatile type of mehndi because they can be manipulated depending on what you need it for. The Arabic henna designs were mainly used as an accessory for women living in Gulf countries until recently.

In recent times, these creative Arabic styles of Mehendi designs have become a favorite among Indian women. These designs suit and look good at any festival or function. Arabic henna designs have gained a lot of popularity across the globe in the past few years, so let’s check out some of the latest Arabic Mehndi designs and understand their patterns.

10+ Simple and Latest Arabic Mehndi Designs:

In this article, we listed below some popular Arabic Mehndi designs from previous years, including pictures for you to use when designing these simple yet beautiful patterns on your own hands and feet. These would be perfect for any special occasion!

Traditional Full-Hand Mehendi Design:

This timeless design features a stylized mandala in the center of the backhand. The intricate floral patterns on the fingertips are captivating enough for most people to take notice. The checkered pattern on the wrist remains one-of-a-kind as there is always some type of flora between every gap in this specific pattern. When you look at the circular design which originates from the checbled pattern, you’ll see that it’s both symmetrical and elegant looking – something you could wear anytime; whether to family gatherings or more formal events such as weddings! You could pair this with anything from crop tops to lehengas, tees to sarees.

Rose Arabic Backhand Design:

This design is very chic and classy. It features large flower prints with light details in the outline. The background of the flower prints are made up of a lace pattern which was created using a lighter shade than what one would usually use during mehndi. The scalloped edge and checkered pattern on the fingers add to its beauty; while it also looks great as part of an outfit or as something you could wear during every occasion or day of week.

Designed Like Haath Phool

These peonies are so adorable! The petals make the design look like a pearl ornament.

Moroccan Back Hand Mehndi Design

You might be surprised to find out that Mehndi or ‘Henna tattoo’ as it is called is a huge trend in Africa. Moroccan Henna artists came up with their own unique designs and patterns in the last few years. People from all over the world continue to be awed by the perfection with these designs combine ethnic and modern motifs. Here is one such design that you need to check out! The second picture is that of a Moroccan bridal Henna pattern for the back hand. It looks different from the traditional patterns seen on Indian brides; which are usually simple red lines drawn along fingers, hands, arms, chest, waistline etc.

Kids’ Back Hand Mehndi Design

Nowadays, you can find adorable Mehndi design for children to wear. For example, the designs on the back of their hands are even simpler than those on the palms of their hands. Often times, just an animal or bird, such as a butterfly- is made with additional small features placed here and there in order to give it character.

From delicate and simple, to complex and symbolic- there are so many ways to find inspiration. But no matter which direction you choose, it always feels like an impossible task when trying to pick just one design out of all these possibilities. Thankfully we’ve got your back with this extensive list featuring creations from different categories in hope that it may trigger some idea for a new tattoo idea or two (or three). Or if you’re feeling really adventurous, mix up traditional symbols and patterns with contemporary ones and make them your own!

Floral Payal Art by Designer Kale:

Experiment with a leg Mehendi design; this one’s influenced by the beauty of Payal or anklets worn for special occasions. Start out with a central floral motif made up of concentric circles. Add some decoration in every circle – curves, dots, and lines. Make another small version of this design on the ankles, then add connecting lines to represent the Anklet chains. What about those toes? You can’t forget those! Use just the tip of the henna cone to draw these tiny leaves (they look really good).

  • Suitable Occasion: This dress is perfect for bridal events and weddings. You can also wear it on other occasions such as karwa chauth to impress your man!
  • Body Placement: Place the tattoo on the inside of the ankle or feet.
  • Best Skin Tones: Those with fair, wheat-toned skin will show off the ink well. Matching Accessories: Payal, statement toe rings, simple anklet chains.

Some Pretty And Gorgeous Geometric Hand Mehendi Designs

This piece is definitely my favorite and I believe it’s an imitation of some Rajasthani jewelery.

Ring Style Designs

In ring style mehndi design, the main center piece is usually a large circle that is either placed behind or in front of the hands. This design also features beautiful string patterns all around it.

Cornered Heavy Motif Mehndi Design

In this type of mehendi, the design is usually heavy and well detailed so that only one side of the hand needs to be decorated. This particular style follows an Arabic tradition where mehndi is used as decoration for Muslim women.

Symmetrical Easy Arabic Mehendi Design

With Arab-influenced Mehndi designs, it is possible to get more intricate with symmetry. It is possible to draw a pattern that goes from one hand to the other on both hands. All different styles are acceptable too; including floral, peacock, and Arabian-inspired patterns. Bells or chains can also be added for an even fancier final product.

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